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Plot to remove Saraki thickens

The end seems not to be in sight over the leadership crisis currently rocking the Senate, as anti-Saraki Senators in the National Assembly are bent on his removal.

The group  said by insisting only senators from his group will occupy the top positions, Saraki has drawn a battle line that he can never recover from.

One of the anti-Saraki senators said: “Saraki has got to the point of no return. He has to go now because we were willing to put up with his controversial election but we will never accept him having his lackeys in charge of the Senate.”

Investigations revealed that the senators up in arms against Saraki have found incriminating evidence with which they plan to nail him.

One is the amended Senate Standing rules 2015, which was alleged to be forged, and which they say will be confirmed by police investigators.

It was learnt the police will release a report on the case before the end of this week. A source privy to the case said: “The case is a fait accompli. There is no way the guilty party can wriggle their way out of it.”

A senator in the thick of the plot confided: “That document is our biggest weapon. We have informed the President and he was alarmed by the audacity. That is why he has refused to talk with Bukola.

“He sees him as a cheat unworthy of his position. When the prosecution begins, the President will allow the law to take its full course. He won’t interfere at all.”

The senators said they will ask Saraki and Ekweremadu to resign honourably or risk prosecution.

It was also gathered that Kwara State governor, Abdulfatai Ahmed, has been incited to commence a revolt against the Senate President.

The rebellion, which will become public knowledge before the end of July, is meant to serve as a civil war of sorts that will shake Saraki’s support base from home.

Those in the know alleged that Saraki has been drawing N100 million monthly from the allocation to Kwara state since he installed Ahmed. His residence in Kwara is also reportedly powered by state resources, among other perks of office.

The governor, who has been cooperative till now, has been empowered by anti-Saraki elements to move against his godfather and become his own man.

When Ahmed breaks away from Saraki, he is expected to provide more damaging evidence that will expose the Senate President to prosecution.

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