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Unity Bank releases names of bad debtors


Unity Bank Plc has released the names of One Hundred and Eleven (111) customers with bad loans who have failed to come forward to make good on their obligations to the Bank.

This follows the expiration of a two-week grace period set by the Bank from October 8 to October 22, to all such customers. This grace period and the warning of the consequences of not responding to the Bank’s call within the period was widely publicised using the mass media,

The Immediate fallout of publishing their names includes an industry-blacklisting of such debtors from further banking transactions until they attend to the bad debts. However, several customers heeded the call and have come forward to either make good their obligations or to negotiate a re-structuring of the loans.

The full list of debtors is available on www.unitybankng-tsd.com


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