It is no longer news that Union Bank, one of Nigeria’s leading financial institution recently rebranded. The Emeka Emuwa led bank has witness total transformation since it refreshed it brand icon. All thanks to the dynamic and visionary leadership of the Emeka Emuwa’s led management team.
In the past, Union Bank had been perceived as a bank for the elderly, civil servants, traders, etc, but today, the story has changed. Union bank under the new management has been able to penetrate every segment of the money market. There is a saying that goes thus “What you say is who you are”. Union Bank over the decades has been associated with “Big, Strong, and Reliable Mantra. With refreshed brand identity and the “Building Simpler, Smarter Bank” mantra, the bank is no doubt living up to its name. The rebranding exercise has seen the bank transformed from the bank for the elderly to a bank the youth and upwardly mobile customers. Living in the era where digital banking is the other of the day, Union Bank has continued to remain relevant by providing simple and smart banking solutions to all our customers. With its new strategic focus, the lender has continued to attract new customers, refurbished over 80 branches across the country and upgraded its network for seamless online real-time banking experience. Some of the transformation that has taken place in the bank can be seen in the bank’s current rating and profitability.


Union Bank has intensified efforts to ensure that its customers enjoy services akin to that of new generation banking system. In a bid to serving the right customers in a functional and professional setting, the lender has refurbished more than 50 branches across the country, putting into consideration, the behaviour of our customers towards modern banking. The lender has offered its customers convenient electronic banking channels and products, including online banking, mobile banking, bank cards, ATMs and PoS systems. Union bank online banking is seamless and you hardly experience network glitches like it common place with other banks. From customers experiences so far, it seems the lender is poised to continually deploy simpler and smarter banking products and services across the country. The strategic transformation and new brand identity of the bank is aimed at ensuring that customers of the bank are able to bank in modern and professional environment.

Union Bank has been the ring leader in empowering and giving the much needed support to Small, Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Nigeria.
The lender is also a strong believer of the fact for a nation to have a solid economy, small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) has to be promoted and encouraged, hence over the years, the banks has been at the forefront of supporting SMEs in Nigeria.The bank is committed to supporting small and growing businesses through its e-business solutions and loan products.
With over 700 dispensing ATM machines, Union Bank is available to meet the needs of SME’s around the country. Some of the services under the Union e-business solutions and loans services include , POS terminal services, online banking, mobile banking, Short and medium project loans with adequate moratorium for the development of Land & factory buildings, bulk stocking of goods and raw material, establishment of letters of credits (LCs) for importation of raw material etc.
Union Bank also was adjudged the ‘best bank to support small, medium scale enterprises (SMEs)’ during the annual banking award organized by Business Day Newspapers in Lagos.
Union Bank has always been a proud supporter of SME’s. In 2014, the bank was given the CBN’s Best-Support Bank on ACGSF (Agricultural Credit Guarantee Scheme for Farmers) award for the 8th consecutive year.


Union Bank in the past few years has invested heavily in technology, and this has helped in driving growth as well as increasing customers’ experience. Today, you can conveniently carry out your transaction with the help of technology, using all the digital platforms from Union Bank seamlessly. The bank has an array customer friendly products that helped in building solid brand equity. Some of the bank’s innovative products like: UnionKorrect and UnionGoal have been celebrated by customers across Nigeria. The product was informed by the fact that most savings accounts customers in Nigeria operate it as transactions account, which leaves them without any benefit from the savings scheme, but they also have big dreams.
“They do not save at the end of the day because what is put in the account is withdrawn the next day. This product will help to reinforce the appropriate awareness and to benefit fully the holders must allow the money to stay in the account. They must not withdraw from it throughout the duration of the 48 months to be part of the whole incentive otherwise they can only get interest rates. Another innovative service of the bank is the MoneyGram naija , a platform where customers can send money from Nigeria to friends or family members abroad.
Union Bank Plc has pledged to drive its business priorities by focusing on growing deposit base, transactions income and clientele base in order to enhance profitability.


Best Brand Development To Reflect Changed Mission/Vision/Positioning (2016)
Best Visual Identity From The Financial Services (2016)

Best Bank to Support Small, Medium Scale Enterprises (2015)

Web Jurist: Best in Aesthetics (Banking Category) (2014)

Commerzbank AG Trade Award for Excellent partnership for the year 2014
Euromoney: Nigeria’s Best Bank (2006)
Banker’s Award: Nigeria’s Best Bank (2000, 2001, 2002 and 2004)
Enugu Clearing House: Bank with the Highest Volume of Clearing Cheques (2006)
The Best Lending Bank under the ACGSF in the Federal Capital City
Best Bank for Punctuality at the Abuja Cheque Clearing Centre
Central Bank of Nigeria: Best Bank in Agricultural Financing under the Agricultural Credit Guarantee Scheme (ACGS), 2006
Nigerian Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (NASME): SME Most Friendly Bank Award (2006)
Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry Award: Best Innovative Exhibitor in the Financial Services Sector, 2006 Lagos Trade Fair
Prizes for “Active Participation in Development Finance (Agriculture) and High Level of Accuracy at Clearing Sessions”
One of the rules of success is looking for a need and meeting it. Union Bank has been a trusted name for Nigerians for nearly a century and we will continue to leverage our heritage as we embrace a rapidly changing world. Union Bank is better positioned to serve our customers with innovative products and professional services. If the bank’s performance so far has been applauded by stakeholders and industry watchers, then they should watch out for more as the Emeka Emuwa’s team is poised to continually build on the successes, which are already starting to yields financial success for the bank.

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