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Senator Nwaoboshi’s imprisonment and Governor Okowa’s involvement: The true facts By Fejiro Oliver


Two names have constantly featured in the current predicament of Senator Peter Nwaoboshi, Comrade Prince Kpokpogri and Fejiro Oliver. We owe no one apologies. I personally find this as one of my most fulfilled moment of 2018. Sadly enough, Gov. Okowa’s name is being tied to Nwaoboshi’s travails, with gossip around town and villages of him using the duo of us to fight a proxy war. Hilary’s name has also being mentioned. Our only crime is being seen as friends to some persons. But today, I will open up few things you never knew.

In 2016, we made up our minds to get some certain persons in the state pay for their crimes, be it politicians or contractors. I have never hidden my disdain for Nwaoboshi, due to his pride and arrogance and wanton looting of the state. As a matter of fact, Kpokpogri and Nwaoboshi are friends or used to be friends, but when you are set to fight corruption, we remove the toga of friendship.

In same 2016, Nwaoboshi was told in plain term to right his wrongs, return the Guinea House as well as some funds. He called our bluff. We reminded him that we were not going to attend to his case until one month to election.

Our first plan was to stage a protest at the National Assembly, calling for his removal as NDDC committee Chairman. Everything was set. Over N3 million already spent in mobilization and logistics. The Delta crowd in Abuja were ready. Nwaoboshi got wind of it and ran to London.

On the day of the protest, we got a call while going to the venue, a call came from Government House pleading that we call off the protest and come to Delta State. After much argument, we called it off.

I can confirm authoritatively that Governor Okowa intervened many times to save this doomsday but Nwaoboshi’s arrogance would not let him. Top political and business tycoons intervened but his pride blinded him. The day of reckoning was coming and we were waiting, silently to recall back the records.

It’s sheer evil to ever link Okowa to this saga, when the root of the trouble is known. The Senator is his own nemesis. Okowa was not and till now is not aware on how the petition against Nwaoboshi was submitted. He’s not privy to what played behind the scene. He’s not informed on how this whole thing came to this level.

For the records, Okowa has nothing to gain by fighting his kinsman but rather has everything to lose. Okowa needs Nwaoboshi this minute go help him get approval for world bank counterpart funding, which only Senator James Manager cannot approve.

Okowa should not be expected to go visit Nwaoboshi in prison when the man is the architect of his problem, neither is he expected to send Commissioners in solidarity visit when his own fellow Senators abandoned him to his own fate.

The Governor should be counted out of this saga completely. He knows nothing about it. If he has his way this minute, he would have Nwaoboshi released from prison and this case closed for life. Sadly enough, he lacks such power.

Truth however is that Nwaoboshi’s trouble just began. He’s just the testing cow, as every other corrupt politician and contractors will follow suit and with God on our side and the people behind us, we will collectively rid Delta State of past and present corrupt elements.

*** Nwaoboshi out, Agege out and only James Manager still on. Truly, old warhorse knows the route of every battle and avoid danger when he sees it from afar.

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