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Oct 1 Rally: YOV accuses prominent Lagos politician of Sabotage

Yoruba One Voice (YOV) has accused a prominent Yoruba politician of planning to disrupt the planned October 1 rally aimed at calling and demanding for the Yoruba Nation. YOV as a coalition is constituted of all Yoruba Organisations and groups in the diaspora.

In a press statement issued from Toronto Canada by Zacheaus Somorin, YOV Communications Director, the coalition stated that its attention ”has been drawn to a plan by a Lagos Politician with the intention to sponsor some miscreants to disrupt a peaceful protest that is expected to be held on October 1st in Lagos”. Our sources informed us that each of the 500 hoodlums will be given N5, 000 each for the dirty job”, he added.

Somorin pointed out that as a coalition, it advises the sponsor of what he described as ”malevolent act” to desist from such as any action that will derail the liberation of Yoruba nation would not be taken lightly.

”Ideologically, YOV is no longer interested in a country that is seeking loan to develop another country – Niger Republic to be specific; with a rail network; We are not interested in a country that finds it palpably impossible to provide adequate security, electricity, quality road, food security, job security, affordable housing scheme, quality education, good public health sector. Nigeria is a country that doesn’t believe in the rule of law, hence fated to have a negative image – globally”, the statement added.

He harped that ”the Nigerian State is preponderant of nepotism, with a centrally minded and clannish leader; explaining that Buhari’s rabid clannishness ”is evident in the katsina state’s situation, where he pointed out that there are almost 22 federal projects actively going on there; including refineries, while other states suffer infrastructural deficit.

”No one needs to be told that the katsina refinery is to serve the interests of Chad and Niger Republic.No single major project is going on in Ogun State, his vice, Prof Yemi Osinbajo, hails from. As we prepare for the October 1st rally, we appreciate the efforts of all the affiliate groups and organisations for a planned peaceful demonstration in all the six continents and 176 countries”, he added.

On October 1, YOV, a coalition of all Yoruba groups and organisations, would be holding rallies across the six continents of the world demanding for self determination of the Yoruba people.

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