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Nigeria on the Precipice: Media Specialist, Michael Owhoko, suggests ways of fixing Nigeria in new book

With growing concerns raised on the future of Nigeria owing to sustained agitation for justice and equity in the political arrangement and administration of the country, there is hope that the problem will soon be resolved as revealed in a new book just released in the United States of America.
In the new book entitled, Nigeria on the Precipice: Issues, Options and Solutions – Lessons for Emerging Democratic Heterogenous Societies, the author, Michael Owhoko, has painstakingly examined the challenges confronting the country and has articulated ways of getting out of the precipice.
“The current challenges in Nigeria have their roots in the heterogenous ethnic composition of Nigeria, and triggered and amplified by the amalgamation of 1914 and the abrogation of 1963 Constitution respectively”, Michael Owhoko specifically revealed in the new book. 
In the book, Michael Owhoko proposes a Referendum to enable the people decide the system of government to adopt, namely, federalism or confederalism as alternative to the current quasi-federalism or unitary system of government.
The author believes a Referendum will ease the issues at stake.  He said, “If Nigerians do not demand change, and if leaders do not listen, Nigeria will continue to be plagued by the remnant of Great Britain’s divide-and-conquer strategy, resulting in stunted growth and dimmed prosperity.”
By reading the book, readers will be exposed to the issues, options and solutions that Nigeria needs at the moment to take it out of the current political dilemma and precipice. 
 The book which is in softcover, hardcover, e-book, is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iUniverse, and other major bookshops worldwide.
About the author
Michael Owhoko is a media and public relations practitioner who has mostly worked in the banking, oil and gas, and media industries. He earned degrees in political science and mass communications and is the publisher of Media Issues, an online newspaper ( He’s also the author of The Language of Oil & Gas and Career Frustration in the Workplace. With a clear hindsight into Nigeria’s political background, he is an authority on the most populous black nation.

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