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Natures Gentle Touch introduces Instant Balance Conditioner in style at Recare Limited

Recare International, owners of personal style brand, Natures Gentle Touch, introduced the new Instant Balance Hair Conditioner for women during an open house event in Lagos on Wednesday, 5th of October, 2016.

The Instant Balance Conditioner replenishes lost moisture faster with its herbalbend protein complex formula, five minutes after application to the hair, unlike other conditioners that requires sitting in the hair accelerator for more processing times over 15 minutes.

“We wanted to do something special, to celebrate and appreciate customer loyalty, we recognize how precious time is to our women, and we are glad to be proffering the right and quick solution to their hair needs. Said Mr. Daniel Anim-Appiah, Operations Manager, Recare Limited.

“The Instant Balance Conditioner is blended with 14 natural herbs which is designed for instant results to improve the manageability of the hair. The product is designed for African women of all hair types – both virgin and relaxed. We are currently working on other line of products that would meet specific virgin hair needs Anim-Appiah added.

Mr. Charles Etuk, Chief Financial Officer, Eunisell Limited, who was at the event to show his support to the company, whilst commending the Recare team said it is very important to stay as a team, the core essence of having the right people and the right strategy is to build a recognized and sustainable brand”.

The Instant Balance conditioner is designed with African Shea butter and Vitamin E to neutralize any unrinsed relaxer or alkaline shampoo, close the cuticle layer of the hair, and replace vitamins and essential oils to revive the hair and scalp.

About Recare
Recare is a leader in African skin, hair and personal style research and innovation. Established in 1997, the company is dedicated to manufacturing and marketing beauty products specifically designed for Africans living in Africa. With a mission to empower individuals to embrace their unique sense of style, Recare consistently seeks to develop world-class solutions that deliver on the beauty needs of Africans. The company currently owns three brands; Natures Gentle Touch, Hairsavvy and Non-stop.

About Natures Gentle Touch
Natures Gentle Touch is a personal style brand that provides solutions to different hair, scalp and skin problems. The brand, formulated for African women was manufactured by leading researchers in African hair, skin and personal care, Recare Limited. The brand has 29 lines of products ranging from hair and scalp to skin treatment products. For more information, visit

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