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Minimum wage: Oyo ASCSN accuses Buhari of insincerity, manipulation

Association of senior civil servants of Nigeria, Oyo State Chapter, has once again condemned the delay and manipulative antics of the President Muhammad Buhari led APC national government in the ongoing consequential adjustment of the newly signed N30,000 national minimum wage in Nigeria.

According to a press statement signed by it’s Oyo State Chapter Chairman, Comrade Babatunde Balogun, the continuous delay in the implementation of the new minimum wage shows the insincerity of purpose of the President Buhari led government to pay the new minimum wage.

‘’You will recall that the battle to achieve the N30,000 new minimum wage started towards the tail end of 2017 and dragged till 18th April of 2019 before it was finally approved by the consistently slow and insincere government’ he stated in a press statement made available to newsmen.

‘’Since it’s approval however, the government has used one committee or another to delay and derail the implementation of the new minimum wage; a situation that has hugely heightened the precarious economic situation of civil servants in the country and by extension, subject labour leaders in the country to several verbal bashings’’, he added.

He pointed out that labour leaders are however left with no option than to return to the barricade in order to carryout it’s statutory responsibility of protecting, defending and advancing the cause of civil servants and the Nigerian masses by extension.

‘’You will recall, that if not all, almost all the promises of this government to the Nigerian people have been dashed. The Buhari led government promised reduction in the prices of petroleum, stable electricity supply, reduction of poverty rate, security of lives and property and an end to terrorism in the country’’.

‘’But in all the aforementioned, reverse has been the case and in a bid to demand what is rightfully ours, we have begin mobilization for total strike action that will begin on 1st of August, 2019 if the implementation table is not out’’, Balogun posited.

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