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*Law firm staff get death threats from alleged tax evaders*


A Lagos-based paralegal, Adebanke Adeite, has received death threats from unidentified persons.

Adebanke, reports say, is being targeted for alleged possession of proof of unremitted tariff to the Nigerian government.

The tax documents allegedly belonged to a fast-moving consumer goods company.

Owner of the company are believed to have close ties to the government.

It was gathered that Adebanke had complained that about N12billion was allegedly not paid to the appropriate parastatal.

In a bid to silence her, persons who might be working for the company accused of tax evasion have been sending death threats.

Adebanke’s whereabouts currently unknown after release from Police custody.

In Nigeria, resident companies pay Company Income Tax (CIT) on their income, while only the income from Nigerian source of non-residents companies is taxed under the CIT.

The CIT is levied at 30 per cent, but is reduced to 20 per cent for smaller companies operating in the manufacturing industry and export-oriented.

Resident companies are also charged a 2 per cent tertiary education tax.

However, companies operating in the petroleum industry, resident or not, pay the Nigerian government a special Petroleum Profit Tax (PPT) at varying rates.

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