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Instant Noodles War: The Battle for Market Share

Competition in the Instant Noodle seems to be on the increase by the day, with the entrance of new brands like chef me and so on. But, amidst this fierce competition for market dominance, Indomie noodles from the stable of Dufil Prima Foods Limited have over the years showed that they mean business as they have remained the number one noodles brand in the Nigerian Market. Nevertheless their competitors have continued their onslaught to grab a share of the market. The year 2014 will be an interesting year for all the noodle brands as more Nigerians continue to buy their favorite quick-ready meal. Some of the noodles already in the market are: Indomie Noodles by Dufil Prima Foods VS. Golden Penny noodles by Flour Mills Nigeria Plc VS. Honeywell noodles by Honeywell Superfine Foods Limited VS. Dangote noodles by Dangote Group, Chef Me by Engels Food. Findings form an the in-house usage and attitude survey conducted by, it was revealed that a lot of factors contributed largely why brands like indomie still has control of the market. Some of the factors that featured prominently is that of quality, promotion and availability. Now, that 2014 is just around the corner, the question is, will other noodles like golden penny, Honeywell maintain the status  quo? Or they will go back to their drawing board to map out strategies to seize a larger market share for their brands? Only time shall tell.

-Aghogho Arthur

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