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Prophet Samuel Akinbodunse

‘I still see someone with the name ‘S’ winning 2019 Presidential election in Nigeria – South African based Prophet, Samuel Akinbodunse releases 2019 prophecies

The General Overseer of Freedom For All Nations (FANO), South Africa as the CEO Of FANO TV, Prophet Samuel Akinbodunse is out with some prophecies for 2019.

Among the prophecies includes the situation of the Nigerian politics especially for the fact that Nigeria will be having her general elections in few months time.

The Prophet revealed that God has chosen a youth for the post of a president in Nigeria and his name starts with ‘S’ because he has been given all it takes for transformation by God

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I’m a bit afraid.  I wept over Nigeria in the place of my prayer in 2019. If Nigeria refuse to choose right, they may suffer again for the next four years. The Lord said he has spoken to many people who have the same mind with me that the person to bring transformation is a youth and not the old men. God said a man like David, a rugged man who will have no regret, respect for non-challant attititude is the one who he chose because of the cry of the innocent. In my prayer, I still saw a man with a name ‘S’ on the seat, God said he has put into him the transformation Nigeria needs.

God said he won’t force Nigeria to obey him but what will force them to obey will come upon them if they miss his word.

God said when his mind and will is done in Nigeria, all these killings will stop.


In Africa politics, there will be shift and crisis, some political heads will be disappointed and I see some people who have stolen from their country running to exile because of this shift that is coming.

Prophet Samuel Akinbodunse

Prophet Samuel Akinbodunse


The lord said to me more than 9 times that in 2019, he will open judgment on fake ministries, pastors , preachers of the worlds, starting from January, you will see judgment been released on fake ministries.

Many secrets in Christendom and politics will be exposed in 2019.

There will be plenty of harvest for true churches because I see the network that gathers crowd for fake pastors been cracked down.

The righteous, holy men and women should pray harder not to be a partaker of the punishment God is releasing on fake people.



The Lord said the gathering of the saint that was gathered and led by white men has been answered, he said he will release favor upon South Africa

I see some  politicians who have no fear of God being removed and replaced by those who have the fear of God.

The ruling party will still rule the country. In my revelation I saw like a screen, ANC taking over Mandela by again

The Lord said we should keep praying against Fire outbreak

The Lord said we should pray so ANC will not lose a popular leader in 2019 because I saw a political leader, very famous leaving ANC and I saw people in the stadium to mourn this person

Business will be very good in SA in 2019.


I hear God saying you shouldn’t give up on your leaders, In the second quarter of 2019, there shall be plenty of food and money

The lord said I should tell Hon Shamiza that he should be patient, the next coming presidential election, if he can be at peace with God and with the nation, he will be the next president but otherwise, he will lose again because God said he has spoken to him


The ruling party will still continue to rule but I see those who are fighting Christianity being removed. I look at a sit, I saw the current president on the same seat,I looked at the seat by his side, I see a female. Namibia should embrace loving God.

I see pending promotions of people to those who are in civil service.


The Lord said President Trump will face unbearable shaking in 2019, a shaking that will lead to impeachment but God said he will overcome and finish his tenure but Foreigners should pray not to face unfavourable immigrant law.

The Lord said the problem in South Sudan will come to an end in 2019 and I see great peace in the nation.



Lets pray that letter 2 shouldn’t be letter 1, and letter 2 should not take letter 1 to court for justice. Lets pray that this election will not be manipulated and there will be no court case. Lets pray that the judiciary shouldn’t face the toughest challenge in the history of the country but I see two parties that merge together, over taking the horse that has been celebrating for sometime but we should pray they should not cripple the four feet of the horse. I see ‘F’ and I see Seat, I see ‘F’ and I see staff but it will be tough. Lets pray.

A popular preacher will be on the run in south Africa in 2019.what is chasing him I don’t know, is it death,debt, immoralty? I don’t know. God said to me that there will be a lot of tenders awarded to people in 2019. I see south Africa coming out of Junk.

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