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I Go Dye, Joseph Osawaru, Level 9 Boss Illegally Detained Acclaimed Youngest Billionaire, Tunde Biletiri

Self acclaimed youngest billionaire has cried out from detention that he has been illegally detained for over twenty days now by the police under the instructions of Popular comedian, I Go Dye, Level 9 boss, Obi Kingsley, based in Asaba and Joseph Osawaru owner of Exquisite Homes 2 hotel and Lounge.

Confirming his unlawful detention on Tuesday, October 8th, 2019 Biletiri said:

I was billed to organize a show for Joseph Osawaru and Level 9 boss. The agreement was N85m but they paid N36m as deposit for the show slated for December.
I gave Ayodeji N10m advance for the Wiz kid and he told me he has paid him.

I also Gabe him N1m to go and meet Burna Boy in America. Sadly, they breached the contract by not paying me the remaining N51m. Aside that, Ayodeji didn’t pay Wizkid, rather he bought camera and left it in America. He was arrested and released after dripping N3.5m.

I was picked up at Portharcourt with a bullet proof hilux. They took me to area F but they refused them audience befkre they now detained Me in Asaba A division. I told them to take me to EFCC or SFU if they are sure its a fraud. They beat me with cutlass and secured a kangaroo court to detain me. The case is handled by SP Promise, Inspector .

Sadly, they have detained me for the past 20 days , seized my phones and deleted all the posts I made on I Go Dye on my official Instagram page, @biletiri.

Level 9 boss boasted he has a lot of ZIB zone 5 on his payroll and even bought clothes for top ranking officers. Level 9 is also a land grabber. The lawyer who came to see me has d details of the people he arrested.

I go dye was planning evil for me. I had to make arrangement with the DPO at the airport division to arrange security for me about 3 Hilux because pH is a kidnapping zone and I Go dye was eyeing a contract I was to execute. He lied to the police that they told him they have approved 800m for me, please he should come with proof to EFCC.
Cos I Go Dye has been coming to bribe the police.

The 2.5m I gave to him he hasn’t refund to me.
He collected money from his colleagues like Ajebo and he has not refunded the money to ajebo and I go dye hasn’t paid me back.

Even he has disappointed Akpororo twice he will now ask me to call them that the management will book the flight. I Go Dye lives a fake life.

It would be recalled that few days after his declaration, self -crowned youngest billionaire, Tunde Biletiri, who challenged Huspuppi and Mompha has been arrested over series of frauds running Into several millions of Naira.

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