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FIDELITY BANK OF FRAUD + Details of How Customers Are Defrauded


One thing that is synonymous with Nigeria’s banking sector is fraud, it is often difficult to separate fraud from our banking industry; a thing that the likes of CBN Governor, Sanusi Lamido has proved with the sacking of many banks’ MDs and the eventual take over by the federal government. Although, what takes place at the top level is mind-boggling, however, that has not in any way reduced the way the junior staff fleece customers’ money. Take the case of the fraud that was committed by Fidelity Bank for instance. The report reaching us which is at present dancing in front of a judge has it that a certain Nigerian based in South Africa was recently defrauded by a lady working in the bank. According to what we gathered, Afam Ubajekwe is a Nigerian businessman who resides in South Africa. He comes home often, many Nigerians based in South Africa usually give him money to assist them pay to their relatives’ bank accounts here in Nigeria. These Nigerians in South Africa drop money, names, and Account numbers of the recipients for him to effect payment here in Nigeria. In Nigeria, Afam has a young man named Monday who effects the payments.  Afam’s boy on that particular day went to the Fidelity Bank, Oba Akran branch, Ikeja to pay in twenty thousand naira (N20,000) to Miss Onyinyechi Okolie with account number 6012950453. He also had in his possession the sum of Two Hundred and Twenty-six Thousand Naira (N226,000) that he was meant to pay into another clients of theirs named Chijioke Okafor. Monday mistakenly filled two tellers with Miss Oyinyechi Okolie’s account  numbers which he gave to the c ashier. Surprisingly, the automated teller machine brought out the print out for N20,000 and not for the other payment.  When Monday insisted that on having a slip, the cashier politely told him to go as she has posted the money. Monday on getting to their office in Ikeja detected the mistake and rushed back to the bank to complain; the cashier told him that the girl, Miss Onyinyechi Okolie whose account the money was posted has withdrawn it. Monday asked the bank to furnish him with the girl’s phone number and address to enable them trace the girl, but they refused. He then asked the cashier to how the girl could have withdrawn the money almost immediately having in  mind that the automated teller failed to print out the transaction; an indication that the money has not been posted. Again, how did she pay Miss Onyinyechi Okolie when the name on the teller is Mr. Chijioke Okafor? became the question that is still begging for an answer. Afam called the attention of his lawyer Barrister Uzobueze Okolie to the problem. ‘‘I went with him to see the branch manager who referred them to one Chidinma, Chidinma allayed our fears and told us that their internal Auditor is looking into the matter. At a meeting with the auditor on 16th January 2013, the Auditor took the name, account number of the man whose account number N226,000 ought to be paid  with a  promise that  the said amount will be transferred within two weeks to the account of the man. This, we accepted but till now, no such transfer has occurred, she also said once an account name and number fail to tally, automated teller machine will not post. In this case the name and account number did not tally and the automated teller failed to post, hence there was no print out slip for the N226,000, so how did the cashier post the money into the account of Miss Onyinyechi Okolie while the  name on the teller is Mr. Chijioke Okafor. And the said amount withdrawn in less than 30min’’.

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