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Energen Nutritious Cereal Debuts in Nigeria Market. …Set to take over the market.

Energen, one of the worlds leading nutritious cereal brand has berth in Nigeria, a situation which analysts predict will free Nigerian consumers from a monopolised food segment as it offers choice, quality and affordability.

The Energen brand of nutritious cereal is a product of a renowned Indonesian based PT Mayora Indah Tbk, one the world’s dominant companies in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods.

Speaking at a well attended launching ceremony of the Energen product in Lagos over the weekend, Mr. Emeka Ajoiyi, Country Manager, Inbisco Nigeria Limited stated that Energen is the flagship brand of Inbisco Nigeria and will be playing in the cereal category of the Nigerian market, adding that Energen nutritious cereal contains fibre, no cholesterol, and enriched with eight Vitamin and minerals- A, B1, B2, B6, B9, B12, D, E, and Calcium which he said aid a healthy living.

According Ajoiyi, Energen has recorded successful experiences with over 90% of the Indonesian cereal market and good market share in other Asian Countries such as Singapore, Philippines and Vietnam, and have no doubt it will accomplish the same success story in Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya where it recently expanded to.

He said that the product which is marketed in Nigeria by Inbisco Nigeria Limited, comes in practical packs and easy to prepare. “It is a tasty and rich blend of cereal and milk made from a selection of high quality cereal (oat based) with strong combination of fibre fortified with vitamins and calcium”, he said.

According to him, Energen is not just a meal for the breakfast table alone, it is available in two different variants of vanilla and chocolate, which comes in a roll of 10 packs of either 30g or 50g, to be sold for N30 and N50 respectively.

The Inbisco Country Manager said is the one cereal product which provides the adult consumers the opportunity to eat without “guilt” as it has low salinity and is without cholesterol whilst also containing all the nutrients needed for healthy children growth.

“Easy to digest and in a handy pack Energen can be taken both at breakfast and any time of the day and does not require the addition of extra sugar or milk, giving consumers value for their money”, he noted.



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