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Dutch startup worth four million within nine days… Open-source platform changes the world of investing


The fintech company RevenYOU.io has been actively going outside with the upcoming ICO for several weeks now. This pre-ICO phase will last until 08.08.2018 and has already raised 550K of investments within 9 days. This brings the company to a market value of 4 million within this short term.

“We want to change the world”
The app RevenYOU is an open-source platform where investors and individuals can find each other, without the intervention of banks or other financial institutions. You can see the benefit of this in the earnings. Both for the consumer and the quant, there are much higher earnings. “In this way we ensure that the less wealthy people can also benefit from higher ROIs”, says Michiel Stokman, one of the founders of RevenYOU. “With a start of 25 dollars and via your smartphone you can already invest via the RevenYOU app”.
Placing the algorithms has something to do with building with lego stones. The technical analysis is of course the basis. But by linking this to various deep learning techniques, such as Artificial Intelligence, the algorithm can be strengthened. As a result, multiple developers can work together on the best performing algorithm. Of course in total safety. The in-house developed code remains at all times from the developer who built it. And the extra earnings that this generates will of course benefit all parties, a win-win.

The ICO will start on 08.08.2018 and the YOUtokens can be purchased. Whitelisting is already open to those people who are interested and want to benefit from high discounts. You can register via: www.revenyou.io/whitelist.

From 4 to 35 million
Within 9 days a value of 4 million is of course already fantastic, but still the start. The company will be worth 35 million in six months. This is achieved by investors who are still on board and from the sale of the YOUtokens. The Financial Telegraph, the VNDG program, already reported it during the interview with Michiel Stokman: “RevenYOU will be the new Google”.

RevenYOU was founded by three men from the Netherlands; Colin Groos, Michiel Stokman and Stefan Beijen. Based in Zug, Switzerland with headquarters in the Netherlands. The Swiss location has been chosen because this country is the most progressive for startups in the crypto world, together with clear financial support. For RevenYOU, the reason for choosing the safest route that suits the transparent business.


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