Capri-Sonne - Emoji Pouch to Express Yourself (1)


Nigeria’s leading kids fruit drink, Capri-Sonne, is aiming to create further brand engagement with the launch of its Express Yourself Campaign. Renowned for offering unique experiences with its signature taste, playful pouch and exciting consumer engagements, the campaign which entails the introduction of Capri-Sonne Emoji Pouches, looks to encourage kids to creatively express themselves with iconic emoji symbols.
The distinct Capri-Sonne pouches which are already generating a buzz of excitement are seen as an innovative way to build affinity with kids in an age where virtual communication has revolutionized the way people communicate and express themselves. Emojis are small colourful digital images or icons used to express an idea or emotion. They are increasingly popular and widely adopted by kids as an unofficial universal language in everyday communication.

With eight different “emojis”, the Capri-Sonne limited edition pouches portray various exciting expressions that will fascinate and stir interest in kids to express themselves whilst having a taste of fun. The campaign connects through its pouches that showcase heroic, stylish, artistic and other expressive emojis that offer opportunities for kids to gain more knowledge, as well as build confidence.

According to Mrs. Theresa Amadi, a primary school teacher, employing emoji icons as a tool to help children understand emotions and express themselves can be really beneficial in early learning stages. Deploying these emojis on the Capri-Sonne pouch is a delightful way to strengthen the bond with the brand because children generally love Capri-Sonne for its delicious taste and as a valuable addition in their school bags.

“The new Capri-Sonne pouch is a brilliant approach to engage kids in their space because it gives them more reasons to be creative, employ critical thinking, express themselves, and most importantly, to do all of these whilst having fun,” she said.

Speaking on the Capri-Sonne Express Yourself Campaign, Chi Limited’s Marketing Director, Probal Bhattacharya, stated that the Capri-Sonne emoji pouches create a unique, exciting and fun loving opportunity for kids to build a closer relationship with the brand by enabling them to express themselves using the emoji pouches.

“We are optimistic that this campaign will strike a chord with kids across Nigeria by encouraging them to achieve their immense potential through a taste of fun and expression of ideas with the eight exciting limited edition Capri-Sonne emoji pouches that are available in the market,” he added.

Trusted by mothers for its health benefits and widely popular with children across Nigeria for its delicious taste, Capri-Sonne is made from natural ingredients, with no artificial flavours, no added sugar and no added colour. It is healthy, naturally tasty and filled with lots of energy and fun. It comes in fun pouches and is available in six variants of Orange, Pine Apple, Apple, Strawberry, Multi-Vitamin and Tropical fruits.

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