Leading Tech and E-commerce company, is offering business owners in Nigeria and Sub-Sahara Africa one-month free business registration on its platform. Arigo is a top-notch tech and I.T firm with interests in e-commerce, database management, web/apps design development, ICT training and consulting, to mention just a few.

Due to the current lockdown measures put in place by governments across the world to flatten the curve of COVID-19, new normal has emerged on how business transactions are done. Recent happenings have once again lent credence to the fact that the future of buying and selling is online and must be done digitally.

As today, transacting online could be risky at times but arigo has created a safe transacting environment as only verified business are allowed on arigo hence is now the safest channel or buying, selling and distribution of essential goods and services needed for survival. is offering a one-month free registration for all businesses in Africa. This gesture became necessary as this will enable businesses transact online in a safe and reliable platform without restrictions by signing up and registering their businesses. Arigo is unique in many ways; one of its unique selling points is that it offers opportunity for both buyers and seller to interface in a most comfortable and reliable way; online.

This is the world’s first business Social Media for verified brands and Africa’s first online market place for verified business and services.Arigo digital market is a place where businesses,services,buyers,sellers and job seekers connect together digitally, just like our everyday mall. works just like normal markets where sellers have shops or spaces in the market for their services, goods and products, which they display inside. And buyers can walk in and go from one shop to another buying. So far, in the same manner, has digital shops has hundreds of verified businesses and counting, which sellers occupy. Businesses on Arigo are verified, registered with Corporate Affairs Commission and also enjoys tremendous digital exposure through personalized webpage on the platform and digital marketing, as well as secured payment mode.

It is clear that both now and in the future, business is digital, even more profound is this fact, in the face of COVID-19 which forced people to stay indoors and forced markets to shutdown. With Arigo digital market, your shop is opens 24 hours every day and you receive orders from all parts of the world, and then sell your goods, products or services, much like in the real market, over the digital space. With this incredible digitalization of market place effort by Arigo, everyone can sell and buy online, via

Arigo is a Tech Company,business Social Media completely focused on world class transformation of how we buy and sell through digitization, with a mandate to help businesses grow through digital assistance. “At Arigo we have worked out a plan for our clients to buy from any market across the country from the comfort of their homes and vice versa.

For instance, we carefully created categories of subscription or what you may call rent, with diverse class of services available. But basically, everybody gets a fair presence in the market”, one of Arigo’s manager said. When these subscription packages or what may be called digital shop rents are compared to the rents in the traditional markets, Arigo’s offer is much more affordable and promising for businesses. In addition to that, Arigo’s hub presents bigger opportunities, one of which is that the market can run for 24hours in a day and 365/366 days in a year uninterrupted, without lockdown.

The whole world is going digital; this will accelerate post COVID-19, essentially because digital spaces have shown to be more reliable and efficient in facilitating buying and selling.
With, sellers are sure of huge visibility and buyers are also sure of buying from verified brands and businesses .This is a win-win situation for all.

Arigo’s aim is to help businesses grow and attain their desired visibility and sales ; hence we have come to deliver world class services.

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