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100% fruit juice: How Chivita is redefining premium status


In order to set itself above the fray in a fiercely competitive category, a brand must consistently deliver what the consumer expects. And to be considered premium, the brand must be built upon specific tangible and intangible attributes that give it a sense of worth. Indeed, a brand is only considered premium when consumers believe it is worth the price and arouses the senses in a way that makes the consumers feel indulgent.


Understanding this premise and knowing that discerning consumers are attractive prospect for any premium brand, Chi Limited, makers of Chivita Premium Fruit Juice, decided to go the extra mile to create top-of-the-mind awareness for the brand among juice lovers in the country by adopting the best technology available in the production of Chivita Premium fruit juice. The result is a 100% pure fruit juice which contains no added sugar, no preservative and no added colours.


Chi Limited did not take the decision on a whim. It was based on well articulated feedback received from consumers who are finicky about what they ingest and who also desire healthy and natural living. Nigeria’s middle class is growing in bounds. Among this class, the perception exist that consuming sugar in excess and eating artificial food is injurious to the health. In any case, scientific findings support this view. Thus, Chi Limited invested in latest production techniques for fruit juices that contain no added sugar in order to give the consumer a sense of exclusivity and pride.


Like any business, premium brands must pursue growth strategies. But marketing a premium brand demands that the brand custodian thinks through every facet of the brand experience.  This explains why, apart from the juice itself, packaging matters. Attentive customer service also matters.  And within the company itself, culture matters. Chi Limited took these into consideration which is why Chivita Premium Fruit Juice has the typical flavour and characteristics of the fruit in the package. Indeed, the company ensures that the fruit juice undergoes a mild transformation process, without disrupting its natural composition.


By ensuring that no sugar is added to the fruit juice, Chivita Premium becomes more attractive to health conscious consumers of fruit juice. For some time now, eating sugar-sweetened foods and beverages has been identified as the cause of any number of negative health prospects, including being overweight or even obese, type 2 diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. Because of these findings, many health care experts continue to advise patients to avoid the consumption of sugar-sweetened foods and beverages.


Consequently, most fruit juice consumers have started checking the labels on other foods and beverages. By doing so, many fruit juice lovers across the country and beyond are daily switching over from regular soft drinks to Chivita Premium flavours with its 100 per cent juice content that contains no added sugar, no preservative and no added colours.


Chivita Premium Fruit Juice, which comes in five variants, is a rare blend of the best of Nigerian and imported fruit juices. Its good natural taste has helped the brand to attain the status of a market leader which explains its high visibility at social gatherings across the country. Besides, the brand which is targeted at all age groups has enjoyed high multimedia presence.


On her regular fortnightly trip to the gleaming shopping mall near her home in Ikeja, Lagos, Madam Cecilia Kufeji, a housewife, disdains many fruit juices. She opts instead for Chivita Premium 100% Fruit Juice only, which is Nigeria’s leading fruit juice. The brightly coloured Tetra Pak is affordable and emblazoned with pictures of a smiling Nigerian family – all radiating good health. “I like it for the taste because it has a full bodied, uniquely savoury flavour typical of natural fruits,” she says, wheeling two baskets down aisle 11 of the 13 that make up Shoprite, a South African chain that, like many foreign hopeful, is moving into the country to take advantage of the spending power of Nigeria’s growing middle class.


Madam Kufeji is among the fortunate ones because by regularly taking Chivita Premium orange flavour, for instance, she will maintain healthy mucus membranes and skin and enjoy good vision. This is because oranges contain very good levels of vitamin A and other flavonoid antioxidants such as alpha and beta-carotenes, beta-cryptoxanthin, zea-xanthin and lutein which are known to have antioxidant properties. It has also been established that oranges are a good source of B-complex vitamins such as thiamin, pyridoxine, and folates. These vitamins are essential in the sense that the body requires them from external sources to replenish.


According to the Managing Director of Chi Limited Mr Roy Deepanjan, “Nutrition is a key enabler to meet almost every development goal, and we cannot over-emphasize the important role that natural foods without artificial preservatives and refined sugars can play in achieving this. We are committed to ensuring the maximum standard in the production of our wide range of products and are impressed with the feedbacks we are receiving.”


In spite of stiff competition and uncertainties in the marketplace, Chivita has endured to build a formidable brand that is a huge delight to fruit juice consumers.



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